Meet the Product Management Team - Supplier Products

Meet the Product Management Team - Supplier Products
We asked some of our teams to share a bit about their work, what it’s like to be part of the team, and what is required to succeed in the team.

Our team is responsible for supplier product management. The mission of the our team is to ensure that our customers have effective tools for planning and analyzing campaigns, as well as for effective analysis of sales data. Our team is responsible for A² Trade Promotion and A² Category Analytics services.

A² Trade Promotion helps our customers plan profitable promotions, analyze past promotions, and simulate different options for their upcoming promotions. Planning promotions is a complex task that takes a lot of time. We want to help our customers with an easy-to-use product, reliable analytics, and the possibility to learn from the past so they can make even more profitable campaigns in the future. With A² Trade Promotion, you can easily learn which tactics work and use the information to plan future campaigns.

With the help of A² Category Analytics, our customers can follow the development of sales and react quickly to various market challenges. An in-depth understanding of the market helps, for example, in product-strategy planning. With A² Category Analytics our customers can make a deep dive into the depths of data and make decisions based on facts and knowledge.

With our products, our supplier customers can harness the power of data and see the different phenomena represented by it. With A² Trade Promotions and A² Category Analytics, customers can make decisions based on facts. This is critical for developing new products, reducing losses, and ensuring profitability

Product management requires constant learning, curiosity, and an agile way of doing things. We want to make sure that our products’ vision is in the right direction and that our product serves our customers in the best possible way. We want to make sure we are solving the right problem! We take a lot of time to listen to and communicate with our customers, to try and understand their needs, so that we can make the best solution for them. We also communicate with other stakeholders and product development teams so that there is a mutual understanding between everyone.

Our team makes a lot of decisions, both big and small. Big decisions ensure the right direction for our products, while smaller decisions ensure that features are produced in the right order and the right way so that they bring as much value to our users as possible. It is also our job to make manuals, although we try to make our products so easy to use that the user does not even have to read them!

We do our work very independently, and at the same time in close collaboration with other teams and with each other. You can always count on getting help from a teammate and you are never left alone to figure out a complex problem. Our days are never the same, and we enjoy the fact that we can design our own working days like we can design the best user experience for our clients.

In product management and in user-experience design, you must try to step in the shoes of a customer, understand their needs and delight them with more than they could ever hope for. Easy!

Our team members' backgrounds and skills are diverse and that is a very valuable thing. When brainstorming and planning product features, a wide variety of different perspectives enriches the result.

We come from many different backgrounds, including computer science, visual arts, UI/UX design, service design and product management. We love solving problems and we also think we are rather good at it! 😊 We take our work seriously, but after work ‑ we also think we are a pretty fun company. Other skills and experiences we have lie in the fields of data -analytics, software development, customer understanding and in data engineering. 

As our work consists of a lot of communication with our customers and with our co-workers, we use a lot of Slack and Teams heavily. Due to remote work, the use and importance of them has increased greatly. We use Jira to run everyday product management and development, and Figma is used to design user interfaces.

Meet the Product Management Team - Supplier Products

Meet the Product Management Team - Supplier Products
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