A² Trade Promotion Optimization

Increase the sales and profitability of your promotions

Trade promotion planning & optimization for FMCG brands
Increase the sales and profitability of your promotions

Optimize your promotions

Maximize the value of the money invested in different campaigns, displays, coupons, price reductions and similar demand creation activities. A² Trade Promotion Optimization allows you to plan your promotions and simulate the impact of alternative tactics to quickly see which actions will bring the desired outcome.

Plan all your promotions in one place

A² Trade Promotion Optimization is the trusted of partner of every key account manager, and it gives a shared view of the promotional plan across functions.

Key Account Managers

Optimize the timing, pricing and product selection for chain promotions. Feed reliable forecasts to demand planning.

Trade Marketing Managers

Ensure that most suitable activations are used to bring the brands alive at the shop floor.

Sales and marketing

Stay updated and aligned about the upcoming promotional activities.

From planning to review

Work smarter in every step of the process. Formulate promotion strategy and review results with A² Trade Promotion Insights. A² Trade Promotion Optimization complements with scheduling, planning and optimization of your activities.
Promotion strategy
and annual plan
Activity planning
Retailer collaboration
Execution and review
promotion optimization

Optimize product selection, pricing and tactics

Make the right choices for the best results. Planning promotions with A² Trade Promotion Optimization is easy. You can start planning new promotions from scratch or copy a previous promotion as the basis. Inputting all aspects of the promotion is intuitive, and quick simulations on promotion results can be seen along the way to guide your decisions.
Discover and apply most efficient promo tactics
Optimize product selection, pricing and tactics
promotion forEcasting

Forecast demand and ensure availability

A² Trade Promotion Optimization uses the latest machine learning algorithms to help you estimate the promotional sales uplift for your items. Baseline sales forecasts for different products help you find the right products for promotions. The model takes into all aspects of your promotion. You can fine-tune promotion forecasts yourself, if you feel the need to adjust the system-generated estimates.
Forecast promotion impact
Forecast demand and ensure availability
roi & profitability analysis

Analyze the profitability of different actions

Simulate different promotion actions and analyze impacts on the bottom line. A² Trade Promotion Optimization takes a holistic view to promo results dividing sales increase to promo uplift and store coverage improvements. It includes a wider perspective to post-promotion performance, cannibalization and halo impact. Finding the break-even point for promotions becomes a simple task when all promo costs are inserted to the solution.
Increase the profitability of promotions
Analyze the profitability of different actions
promotion calendar

Schedule and coordinate across chains and brands

See the big picture. Visual promotion calendar is a joint tool for your whole organization ensuring all relevant stakeholders have the information on upcoming promotions. Viewing promotions from different perspectives helps you avoid unnecessary overlaps in promotions across different chains.
Schedule and coordinate across chains and brands
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