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Introducing a complete revenue, category management, and sales analysis solution for FMCG brands and retailers
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How it works

Supercharge sales and identify margin opportunities

Navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape with confidence. A² Revenue and Category Management is your solution for seizing opportunities in the face of challenges like cost crisis, inflation, and market price changes. Our expert support drives results and value creation where it matters most.

Boost your margins and trade spend ROI

Turbocharge your Revenue Growth Management with pricing analysis, competitor insights, and smart trade promotion planning and analysis.

Grow your categories and brands

Give your Category Management an edge with market, category, product, pricing, promotion, and shopper insights. Ensure your assortments are optimal.

Reach your coverage and sales targets

Succeed in Sales with an account, sales channel, market, category, pricing, and competitor analysis.
Drive results with data

Make data-driven decisions

Drive results with A² Revenue and Category Management and the help of our experts who support your team in critical areas of value creation.

Increased sales

Drive sales with targeted sales actions, better assortments and winning argumentation to retailers.

Improve profitability

Improve profitability with a successful balance between margin and volumes, well thought-out price-pack architecture and effective trade promotions.

Transparency and efficiency

Ensure that facts and insights are visible and shared among the stakeholders and actions are planned on this robust foundation.

Better competitive position and market share

Win in the market understanding category and market trends as well as pricing and positioning of your competitors.
Unlock success

Your all-in-one solution for growth

A² Revenue and Category Management covers the entire spectrum of sales analysis, category management and revenue growth management use cases. It offers everything from flexible reporting and insights to forecasting and planning with an AI-capable analytics engine.

Develop categories and brands

Monitor category performance and understand trends, products, promotions and shoppers to grow your categories and brands

Understand the true impact of your promotions

Review market shares and assess markets, trends, and competitions to strengthen your position and win in your markets.

Uncover untapped sales potential

Understand development in different accounts and sales channels, uncover untapped potential and target your actions for the best possible results.

Run effective trade promotions

Discover the promotion strategy that maximizes the return on your marketing spend, and plan trade promotions that increase your sales and profitability based on shopper demand.

Improve assortment and coverage

Compare accounts and sales channels and understand shopper demand to pinpoint opportunities for product mix and coverage improvements.

Improve retailer collaboration

Improve your argumentation to retailers with facts that win you the assortment listing sand right promotions. All while growing the categories to benefit you, your customers, and shoppers.

Optimize pricing and identity margin opportunities

Find the correct balance between margin and volumes and reveal opportunities for growth and profit improvements.

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Why our customers choose us

We don't just offer cutting edge software solutions; we provide the complete package. With a blend of retail experts, software engineers, and our data driven approach, we offer services that go beyond just running a software somewhere in the cloud. Our experts support you through integrations, data management, onboarding, training, and collaborative consultations, from data analysis to promotional strategy.

Smart insights

A² Revenue and Category Management offers a wide spectrum of insights in an easy to use format: category, product, promotion, price, channel, etc. Our AI expertise ensure that the insights are smart where they need to be.

Data expertise

Local POS data sources are either familiar to us or provided by us. We merge POS data together, forming market insights and then we sprinkle in your other data types in. Data issues are a common obstacle- let’s fix that!

Analytics engine

A² Revenue and Category Management include an AI-capable analytics engine for many essential use cases such as forecasting, price optimization and promotion baseline modeling.

The Nordic advantage

The Nordic market is our home, and our first priority. We know the market conditions, the data sources, the competitive dynamics and we are hungry to know even more.

Trusted by over 100 leading CPG brands and retailers

A comprehensive 360º solution like no other

planning capabilities
REports and insights
Forecasting and optimization
Data and integrations
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