Increase the profitability of trade promotions

Most of the time more promotions do not equal more profits

Too many to handle profitably?

Running promotions at a loss? Cutting down the unprofitable ones sounds like solid advice, but often things are not that straightforward. Retailers are expecting you to do at least as many promotions as you did last year, and you might even struggle to know which promotions are losing money instead of generating profit.

Identify the inefficiencies

Getting automated, holistic visibility to promotion ROI at all stages helps you make informed decisions and simulate alternatives. A² Trade Promotion combines all available data, calculates reliable baselines and provides promotion forecast models that radically simplify the analysis and planning of trade promotions.
Promotion strategy
and annual plan
Activity planning
Retailer collaboration
Execution and review

Promotion strategy
and annual plan

Discover what kind of promotions provide the best ROI for your brands
Define promotion strategy (what, when and how)

Activity planning

Calculate ROI for alternative promotion options
Simulate the profitability impact of price discounts and other actions

Retailer collaboration

Create fact-based argumentation for planned promotions

Execution and review

Compare the realized ROI against your targets

The tooling you need

A² Trade Promotion is a complete package for improving promotion ROI. It pulls together data from all the available sources and combines it with the promotional plans created in the solution.

Gain visibility to all your past promotions and their profitability using A² Trade Promotion Insights. Drill down to single promotion results or utilize the dashboard to get an overview of the return for a specific brand on a chain and promotion-type level.
Simulate and test the profitability of different alternatives using A² Trade Promotion Optimization. Comparing different options while planning is easy and the automatically generated break-even volumes give you insight for your planning. With A² Trade Promotion Optimization you can even take into account the promotion’s impact on your other products, and its long-term impact on shopper demand.

Empowering all key stakeholders

A² Trade Promotion solution will be adjusted to your organization and processes. Whether your organization involves sales, marketing, revenue growth management, category management and/or finance in the trade promotion process, we have taken into account all the key stakeholders and their needs.

Better results with the same investment

Improving promotion ROI is a continuous process, where you build the foundation for more effective promotions and profitable revenue growth in the future. Quick wins are only small delights and you shouldn’t focus only on those. With the help of A² Trade Promotion you can expect:
Improved promotion strategy ➔ Better promotional lift with the same investments
Optimized price points ➔ Less discounts given

Discover other benefits of the A² Trade Promotion solution

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