Forecast promotional lift

Automated promotional demand forecasting increases transparency and reliability

The estimates you want to get right

Successful promotions have a significant impact on product demand.  Without accurate forecasting, trade promotions can result in excess stock, spoilage, low availability or loss of sales. Over- or under-estimating the promotional lift has a negative impact on results. Forecasting demand often means significant amount of manual work for key account managers.

Advanced capabilities with AI

Machine learning improves accuracy in forecasting and allows you to take into account trends, seasonality, past promotions and changes in the competitive landscape. Future plans are considered too.

Promotion strategy
and annual plan

Activity planning

Retailer collaboration

Execution and review

Promotion strategy
and annual plan

Understanding promotional uplift in long-term demand planning

Activity planning

Using lift forecasts to select best promotion
Manual adjustments for novelties etc.
Communicating incremental sales to demand planners

Retailer collaboration

Fine-tuning volume forecasts with retailers

Execution and review

Realistic target setting for field sales
Comparing actuals vs. targets for future lessons

The tooling you need

Estimating promotion impact on demand in both the short and long term is an essential part of promotional planning. Improved accuracy and automated demand forecasting increase efficiency and profitability.

With the help of advanced baseline sales modeling and rich high-level dashboards on A² Trade Promotion Insights (TPI), you will gain a better view on the typical promotional lift for different actions. This allows you to estimate the total impact your promotions will generate in the coming periods.
Reliable demand forecasts are provided with A² Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) for the upcoming promotions. In case of novelties and tricky products, key account managers can simply fine-tune the automated forecasts.

A² TPO can also be synced with your demand-planning solution, feeding in information about the upcoming promotions and the incremental sales they will generate.

Collaboration across the organization

Ensuring promotion lifts are taken into account in demand planning is usually done jointly by key account managers and demand planners. A² Trade Promotion enables key account managers to focus on putting their industry expertise to use with the trickiest products, while AI takes care of the details.
Time savings and improved product availability

Time savings and improved product availability

‍Reliable, automated promotional lift forecasts save time and bring advantages to key processes:
Improved product availability without risk of wastage and excess stock
Promotion plans optimized according to the expected results
Key account managers save the time usually needed for manual demand forecasting
Time savings and improved product availability

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