Understand the true impact of your promotions

How to measure the effectiveness of your trade promotions

Measuring promotion impact

In order to improve your trade promotions, you first need to understand the true impact of the past actions. Yet, when we interviewed FMCG companies nearly nine out of ten said they struggle to understand which promotions were effective and profitable. 

Typically the challenges are related to scattered data, lack of time and inability to separate overlapping actions from each other. Trying to analyze all types of actions with the same set of KPIs causes challenges as well. Sometimes it’s enough to focus only on the sales and profitability metrics, whereas sometimes you need to take a closer look at what happens to the shopping behavior after the promotion period. 
Time savings and improved product availability

The tooling you need

A² Trade Promotion Insights pulls data together from different sources to combine it to an overall view of past promotions. Intelligent baseline modeling allows you to instantly see the incremental sales created by different types of promotions. Analyzing promotions first at an aggregated chain and brand level before drilling down to individual promotions ensures that all of the most important results can be easily reviewed.

Analyze the impact reliably

Use your time to analyze the findings, not to combine data from different sources or manually adjusting the baseline sales for an individual promotion.
Promotion strategy
and annual plan
Activity planning
Retailer collaboration
Execution and review

Promotion strategy
and annual plan

Analyze the efficiency of the actions on brand level
Drill down to the details

Execution and review

Compare results against the targets
Use KPIs that are relevant to the objective
Analyze what happens around the promotion

Something for all the stakeholders

We believe that you shouldn’t need to be a hard core data analyst to understand the true impact of your promotions. Key account managers and brand managers should have the tools they need to easily draw conclusions on what works and what doesn’t.  Data analysts can then focus on the more complicated cases and really drill down to lowest level of details in the most important areas.
Something for all the stakeholders

Focus on the most effective ones

‍Having a holistic visibility to impact of your promotions allows you to:
Optimize your promotion strategy
Stop wasting money in promotions, that just don’t work
Allocate money to the brands and chains that have provided you the best promotion lifts.
Focus on the most effective ones

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