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A² Trade Promotion Insights

Discover tactics that maximize return on your marketing spend

Trade promotion insights for FMCG brands
A² Trade Promotion Insights

Gain a holistic view of what works for your growth

Invest into profitable demand creation. According to our study 89% of FMCG brands in the Nordics struggle with analyzing the effectiveness and profitability of trade promotions. With A² Trade Promotion Insights you easily see which activities are worth repeating and which tactics should be discarded.

The insight your team members need

A² Trade Promotion Insights is a solution that serves the whole organization. It provides a holistic view of all your promotional actions and allows you to drill down to the results of individual promotions.

Key Account Managers

Know which promotions best meet your customers' needs & goals so you can make better proposals.

Brand Managers

Recognize promotion strategies that will bring the best return on  your marketing investment.

Business Insight Team

Drill down to the root cause of the success or failure of your individual promotions.

From planning to review

Work smarter at every stage of the process. Formulate your promotion strategy and review results with A² Trade Promotion Insights. A² Trade Promotion Optimization adds scheduling, planning and other optimization features.
Promotion strategy
and annual plan
Activity planning
Retailer collaboration
Execution and review
promotion dashboards

Allocate trade budget to where it counts

See how your promotions have contributed to sales growth across different brands and chains. A² Trade Promotion Insights sums up your past promotion performance and shows you the incremental sales on top of the baseline. Versatile reports and filtering options allow you to view promotion performance from all possible angles.
Increase the profitability of promotions
benchmarking promotion tactics

Boost your visibility wisely

Find out what kind of promotion tactics have best helped you to reach your targets. Whether you aim at building store coverage for your items or improving the profitability of your brands, A² Trade Promotion Insights has the right KPIs to compare the results in a reliable and relevant fashion.
Discover and apply the most efficient promotions
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pricing and discount analysis

Discover optimal price points

Identify what kind of pricing mechanisms and discounts give you the desired results in different categories. Cutting down on unnecessary discounts in one category can save you a lot of money, while deepening discounts in another category can help you become the market leader.
Discover and apply the most efficient promotion tactics
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post-event analysis

Identify promotions to be repeated

See the results of individual promotions and evaluate the success against your plans. A² Trade Promotion Insights helps you to easily find the best and the worst promotions from your vast promotional history. You can cut down on the costly mistakes and focus on the actions that help you reach your targets.
Understand the true impact of your promotions
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