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Analytics solutions for shopper-centric brands and retailers
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Trusted by over 100 leading FMCG brands and retailers

Demand-driven growth solutions for the FMCG industry

Improve profitability and increase revenue by optimizing promotional activities based on shopper demand.

Trade Promotion solution for FMCG Brands

Maximize the return on your trade spend

Trade promotions are a prime vehicle for growth, generating up to 60% of FMCG brands’ revenues. The caveat is that only one third of promotions are actually profitable and almost every company struggles with analyzing the effectiveness of its trade spend. A² Trade Promotion ensures your trade promotions generate profitable growth. The solution covers everything you need, from discovering the best promotion tactics to planning individual promotions that hit their target optimally. 
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Solutions for FMCG retailers and supplier cooperation

Supplier ecosystem as a competitive advantage

Our complete offering for retailers includes advanced analytics solutions and a full-service package. Our insight sharing platform allows retailer to monetize their data externally and create a competitive advantage from smart supplier partners.
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A² Category Analytics

Grow your categories using shared category, product, shopper and promotion insights

A² Insight Sharing Services

Outsource the sales, support and development of your insight sharing solutions

A² Assortment Planning

Increase sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction with an optimal product mix
competitive advantage

Win by being demand-smart

Fragmented shopper demand and fierce competition
make profitable growth challenging in a modern retail environment. Understanding shoppers and their needs is a must to succeed. We offer demand-driven solutions for the critical leverage points that determine the success in the FMCG retail value chain: the trade spend decisions of FMCG brands, the assortment decisions of retailers, and their joint category development programs.
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Choose smart

Effective solutions

We deliver effective and practical solutions designed and envisioned by people who have walked in your shoes. Our people have worked for FMCG brands or retailers, or have spent more than a decade developing solutions for your industry. In some cases they've done both.

Easy to use

Our approach is based on a rigorous, customer-centric R&D process using pilot programs, user testing and co-development with our customers.

Leading analytics

We have offered and developed AI-based demand forecasting and decision recommendation solutions for retail since 2012.

High benefit – low cost

Modern cloud architecture means that we can now make tooling that was previously affordable only to the largest players available to a wide variety of companies.

Helping customers succeed

Modern FMCG companies want to stay at the forefront with their commercial capabilities. Our solutions help them grow their revenue profitably, drive category development, increase shopper loyalty, and enhance collaboration with their retailer partners.
“Our understanding of shopper behavior has increased and we understand the success factors of brand activations much better. This enables us to build value for our business as well as for our customers.”
"We have been able to provide cutting edge analytics tools for our supplier partners ensuring their expertise is fully deployed in strategic product category development and in delivering superior customer experience to shoppers. Close supplier collaboration and shared data have been instrumental in long term market share growth."
“The effectiveness of our national and regional campaigns is important to us. With A² Category Analytics we have been able to efficiently evaluate and analyze our activations, and thus improve the results.”
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