Discover and apply the most efficient promotion tactics

Looking to improve the ROI of your trade promotions by tens of percentages? Ensure your promotional activity is aligned with the target outcome.

Choosing the optimal activity

Finding the right promotional activities needed to reach your targets can be challenging. Often you may end up repeating the past mistakes.

Is a 20% discount better than three for the price of two? Or should you invest in visibility in-store instead of offering deep discounts? Mass displays or endcap? Or would you be better off investing in retailer medias?

The right answer to these questions may depend on the brand and the store environment, as well as on your business targets.

Make data-driven decisions

Comparing the lift and ROI for different types of promotions allows you to see what really works so you can define your promotion strategy accordingly. A clearly-defined promotion strategy accompanied by promotion-specific forecasts ensures that the most efficient promotion tactics will be applied every time.
Promotion strategy
and annual plan
Activity planning
Retailer collaboration
Execution and review

Promotion strategy
and annual plan

Aggregate promotion results to a single database
Discover which tactics help you reach different targets (sales, trial users, penetration)
Define promotional strategy (what, when and how)

Activity planning

Simulate the use of alternative promotion tactics
Review forecasted results
Decide on the winning formula to reach your targets

Retailer collaboration

Create fact-based argumentation to support your preferred promotion tactics

Execution and review

Track the execution of different promotion tactics in your CRM
Analyze the results of promotions and compare the results of different tactics

The tooling you need

Basic promotion reports are not usually enough for discovering the best promotion tactics. This is often because many tactics are applied at the same time and analyzing every variation manually simply isn’t feasible.

Two types of tools can help you on this quest. With A² Trade Promotion Insights you can review the performance of large number of different promotions. This helps you recognize different patterns in promotion results.
The AI-based forecasting algorithms and intelligent recommendations in A² Trade Promotion Optimization allow you to simulate promotion performance using different tactics. The solution also helps you compile fact-based argumentation for the winning option that you can communicate towards retailers and stores.

Close connection with your CRM solutions ensures efficient execution of the promotion.

Collaboration across the organization

Discovering the best promotion tactics is a cross-functional task between sales, marketing and often also finance departments. To reach the full potential, you need to be ready to allocate funding across organizational units. For example, from in-store marketing materials to deeper discounts, or vice versa.
Collaboration across the organization

Maximize the impact by choosing the right activity

An understanding of the best promotion tactics allows you to allocate your trade promotion budget more efficiently and gain significant improvements on your ROI. Simulating the impact of different tactics for a particular promotion ensures that your objectives can be met with ease.
Maximize the impact by choosing the right activity

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