A² Trade Promotion

Maximize the return on your trade spend

Smart trade promotion planning, optimization and analysis for FMCG brands
Maximize the return on your trade spend

Increase sales and profitability of your
trade promotions

Trade promotions generate 20–60% of an FMCG company's sales. Yet majority of trade promotions fail to break even.

Improve your results radically with A² Trade Promotion

Discover efficient trade promotions tactics
Plan and optimize individual trade promotions based on facts and accurate forecasts
grow profitably

Simply improved results

Boost your bottom line and accelerate category growth. The share of sales coming from trade promotions is so significant that even minor improvement can significantly increase your ROI.

A² Trade Promotion allows you to align targets, tactics and execution with shopper demand. You’ll improve the results of your trade promotions, while keeping the process simple and effective.

Solution designed for you and your teams

Key account teams
Plan and optimize trade promotions that best fit your goals and customers' needs.
Marketing teams
Discover promotion strategies that will bring the best return on your company's marketing investment.
Business management
Gain 360 view to your promotions and allocate your trade spend for maximum impact.
Key account teams
Marketing teams
Business management
Trusted by over 100 leading FMCG brands and retailers
all the insight in one place

A² Trade Promotion Insights

Discover promotion strategy that maximizes return on your marketing spend, and allocate budget to the right brands, chains and activities. With A² Trade Promotion Insights you identify best display and media types and discover optimal timing and price points. You will also find out promotions to be repeated and stopped.
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A² Trade Promotion Insights
optimal planning

A² Trade Promotion Optimization

Plan trade promotions that increase your sales and profitability based on shopper demand. With A² Trade Promotion Optimization you manage your promotion calendar and plan promotions with optimal product selection, pricing, brand visibility and store coverage.

You will be able to forecast promotional sales lift for your campaigns, and analyze the profitability of different actions. Similar previous promotions are displayed automatically.
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A² Trade Promotion Optimization

How it works

A² Trade Promotion turns your most critical data assets into actionable insights. Possibility for custom integrations on top of the most common data sources ensures you gain the maximum efficiency and consistency across the organization and can act faster to shopper demand. Illustrative dashboards combined with machine learning analytics provide you forecasts, recommendations and elevated user experience. 
How it works

The trade promotion platform that has it all

Promotion forecasts and recommendations

Let the AI-based forecasting models help you make better promotions and reduce the burden from your Key Account Managers in making manual sales forecasts. A² Trade Promotion models learn from your past promotion history and take into account all aspects of your planned promotions.

Baseline forecasts

Stop the manual work in trying to find suitable comparison periods for your long list of promotions. Leverage the results of the machine learning algorithms built for knowing what would have happened without the promotions.

Your data in one place

Use your data assets to the optimum. A² Trade Promotion combines your data from different sources. Adding new data sources improve the quality of analytics and bring in new features. You'll work with your familiar product trees, campaign spaces etc.

Easy to use

Modern and intuitive user interface combined with right insights and KPIs ensures you make the right decisions with ease.

Built with the latest technologies

A² Trade Promotion uses modern cloud technology to give you the best performance/cost ratio and scalability. Our long history with market and profitability information ensures that your data is kept safe and secure.
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