A² Category Analytics

Grow your categories with shopper-centricity

Market, category and shopper insight that translates into better business
Grow your categories with shopper-centricity

Smart retailers provide their suppliers with data and advanced tools for better decision making.

A² Category Analytics is a modern category management solution for FMCG companies, who believe in data driven decision making. Carefully predefined reports and analysis workflows are immediately available to distribute the best analysis practices through the value chain. The solution merges different data sources, such as retailer's loyalty program and campaign data on top of a foundation of point-of sale data. All these improve ease and accuracy of leading with data-driven insights.

Be the preferred partner

Better recommendations strengthen the retailer collaboration.

Lead the category

Improved category expertise saves time and money.

Please your shoppers

Increased shopper satisfaction through improved shopper insight.

Improve the efficiency

More efficient activations and successful product launches.
“Our understanding of shopper behavior has increased and we understand the success factors of brand activations much better. This enables us to build value for our business as well as for our customers.”
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Hanna Johansson
Director, Strategy & Insights
Hanna Johansson. Director, Strategy & Insights. Sinebrychoff

Efficient collaboration model

A² Category Analytics is a collaboration platform that enables retail and manufacturer partners to use te same transparent data for building market and category insights, drawing conclusions, and efficiently managing product categories for growth.

Shared data, analysis tools and category reports build a robust base for joint consumer-centric planning, fostering trust in collaboration and saving time and money. Using advanced category management tools, FMCG brands can increase their profitability through well-planned marketing activities and exploit their product portfolio’s full business potential, while also helping retailers improve their business.
Efficient collaboration model

Gain all the relevant insight for your teams

A² Category Analytics is a modular solution, designed to support data-driven, consumer-centric category management. Different modules help deepen shopper understanding and discover trends and growth opportunities from relevant perspectives. The solution is designed to serve the whole organization from consumer insight to business development, with special emphasis on the needs of marketing, sales and field sales. The solution consist of six modules.
Gain all the relevant insight for your teams
A² CAtegory analytics

Understand development potential of your categories

Get detailed insights into how your products and brands contribute to the success of their respective categories. Recognize trends and events within the categories. Discover opportunities for new products.
A² product launch

Excel in product launches

Measure the success of your product launches by comparing and benchmarking to other launches in your product segment. Monitor product's life cycle by customer groups through first time and repeat sales. A² Product Launch is a central tool for setting targets to new products and in making portfolio decisions.
A² promotion analysis

Promote successfully

Gain maximal return on your marketing investments and choose the right products for your campaigns. Monitor your own and retailer's marketing activities, identify the best performing formats and optimize the timing of your campaigns.
A² basket analysis

Know the role of your products in the shopping basket

Plan and target better campaigns and in-store activities by knowing who are the customers buying your and your competitor's products. Discover also the buying situations and what else they buy.
A² shoppers

Gain new shoppers

Increase your loyal customer base by learning which customer groups have the biggest potential and how diverse household groups differ in their shopping behavior. Learn about different brands' shopper profiles and how brands relate to each other. Ensure your marketing campaigns are targeted to the right audience.
A² regions

Develop product coverage and maximize local sales

Arm your regional sales with a tool that helps them make fact-driven plans with local shopkeepers. Monitor and compare sales and assortment depth on a store level throughout sales regions. A² Regions is an essential tool for both regional field sales and area managers.
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