Enjoy the Ride, We've Got This

Enjoy the Ride, We've Got This
Get the best out of deploying a new solution by kicking it off with a clear goal in mind and our expert team supporting you every step of the way.

Running and managing trade promotions with the help of various spreadsheets is not impossible, but anyone who has done it can admit that it's extremely laborious and that these spreadsheets are often lacking analytics capabilities. Taking a trade promotion solution into use to improve this process, grow sales, and support decision-making provides a faster route to success, but how can you ensure a smooth onboarding where you will get the most out of the solution from the very beginning?

Taking a solution into use should be simple, straightforward, and done in a timely manner. We take active steps to ensure that we are providing value and actionable insights from the very first point and that no one is abandoned along the way. That is why we have built and thoroughly tested a well-thought-out project plan.

A collaboration should start with two things; knowledge & a sharp vision for the future. Our expert team starts every collaboration by understanding the business landscape of our customers and their aim for the future.

It all begins with knowledge

The entire promotional process, from the annual planning to the post-promotion analysis stage is considered from the very beginning. Another crucial factor we always consider is knowing all the different roles and functions involved in the promotion cycle and ensuring everyone is on the same page. This way we can be sure that the right people are involved at the right time, and everyone’s time has been used in the best way possible.

Our tool exists to support and build on existing best practices. In most cases, the trade promotion process is run by multiple functions within the organization. Therefore, it is key to identify synergies between different functions and tasks & remove any overlap.

As we start by going through past promotions, we are able to rapidly shed light on the first big insights and provide our first recommendations for improving promotion results. These actionable insights are supported with our findings from other Nordic FMCG companies.  

Most of our customers choose to kick off with workshops, or planning sessions, or sparring sessions, all of which include custom analyses and our experts’ touch. Each process can be modified to match the needs of our customers, and we actively take care that every session is time well spent, where our clients can walk away with actionable insights and a better idea of the ideal path forward.  

In the sparring sessions offered, we provide tailored analyses based on the latest promotions where we can constructively go through our customers' targets and goals, and check what could be accomplished during the upcoming trade windows.

Unlocking new insights

Usually, an epiphany happens at this point, where many of our customers realize that they had not even considered all aspects of their promotion strategy. Often, they suddenly realize how much can be done to optimize promotions and which past promotions they should avoid repeating blindly.  

Below are two of the most common insights our customers have realized already in the first sessions:  

1. Understanding their campaigns' true incrementality and profitability; learning which part of their promotional activations have had a true impact on the top- and bottom-line growth.

2. The effects of overlapping promotions. It could be that by having two promotions at the same time, the sales could increase by 8 times, or they could be throwing money out the door, or even selling less than the baseline.

Getting the gears turning

After the first insights and potential sessions are held, our experts begin to make sure all available data is integrated into our solution and is set up to be as automated as possible.  

There is no time like feedback time! At this stage, we also have a standard feedback process in place. When we receive collective feedback from customers about specific features or needs, we ensure that they are considered in our development pipeline. We also offer the possibility for our customers to financially influence the pipeline and accelerate the development of highly desired features. This way we can be sure that our solutions are matching with our customer’s needs.  

Now that the gears are finally turning, it is time for our users to set off on their journey toward better promotions. However, that is not the end of this story. Ad hoc training is always available, and our expert customer success team is here to support our customers every step of the way. (They maintain a very high Net Promoter Score as well).  

Ready, set, go!

When all is said and done, valuable insights are continually provided to our customers and our collaboration flows together smoothly. Our expert solutions have been deployed and will continue to be updated and enhanced for our customers. Our customers will continue to get the right insights to make their promotions better than ever.  

This entire process would not be complete without our expert customer success team. They ensure our customers are getting value from the very beginning and that they know exactly what to expect when they take our solution into use.

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