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A² Category & Shopper Insight Platform

Win with a shopper-centric value chain

Insights platform for collaborative category development and demand-driven assortment planning for retailers
A² Category & Shopper Insight Platform

Serve shoppers better together

Gain competitive advantage with enhanced shopper understanding throughout your value chain. Our complete offering for retailers covers the solutions and services needed to stand out with a shopper-centric strategy.

Grow and develop categories together with smarter suppliers by providing them with shopper and category insights. Improve your assortments, pricing and promotions with demand-driven planning solutions.

Better decisions accelerate profitable growth

Fragmented shopper demand, new platforms and fierce competition mean that ways of working need to change. A strong focus on shopper-centricity across the value chain enables retailers to grow profitably and win market share.

Grow market share with a shopper-centric strategy

Improve decisions with facts and insights

Monetize your data and accelerate category growth

Deliver impeccable shopper experiences through improved supplier collaboration

"We have been able to provide cutting-edge analytics tools for our supplier partners, ensuring their expertise is fully deployed in strategic product category development and in delivering a superior customer experience to shoppers. Close supplier collaboration and shared data have been instrumental in long-term market-share growth."
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Ari Akseli
President, Grocery Trade
Ari Akseli
A² Category & Shopper Insight Platform for Retailers

The essentials for a successful shopper-centric strategy

A² Category and Shopper Insight Platform provides everything you need in order to plan and optimize your categories and to share insights with your supplier partners. Our extensive offering ensures you can focus on retail while we take care of the rest.

A² Category Analytics

Grow your categories using shared category, product, shopper and promotion insights.

A² Insight Sharing Services

Outsource the sales, support and development of your insight-sharing solutions.

A² Assortment Planning

Increase sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction with an optimal product mix.

How it works

Concentrate on your core competences while we provide your supplier partners with shopper insights and analysis tools. Our offering comprises solutions and services that allow you to build a complete shopper-centric ecosystem for efficient supplier collaboration.
How it works
A² Category Analytics

Collaborate to gain impeccable competitive edge

Monetize your data and accelerate category growth with smarter supplier partners. A² Category Analytics is a secure solution for sharing insights and analysis with your supplier partners.

A² Category Analytics fosters a common understanding through category, product, promotion and shopper insights. It gives suppliers an opportunity to offer better recommendations on what actions to take t to improve business for both parties. Security, privacy and granular access rights are the foundations of the solution.
Learn more about A² Category Analytics
"Our understanding of shopper behavior has increased and we understand the success factors of brand activations much better. This enables us to build value for our business as well as for our customers."
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Hanna Johansson
Director, Strategy & Insights
Hanna Johansson
a² Insight sharing services

Share your insights with ease

Let us take full care of the practicalities of your supplier data-sharing platform. We've have been doing it since 2014.

Sales & account management

We help you gain revenue from your data and take care of the sales.  Providing first-class customer service to your supplier partners is a priority for us.


All the needed training and helpdesk services are provided to your supplier partners to ensure customer success and engagement with the services.

Development services

Maintenance and continuous development of the solution ensure you have the tools to handle a changing landscape.


Best practices to boost retailer-supplier collaboration and develop the operating models for processing insights.
A² assortment Planning

Increase sales, profitability and shopper satisfaction with an optimal product mix

Optimize assortments according to your assortment strategy and shopper needs. Your product mix is the cornerstone of your retail concept and you have to take the driver’s seat even with smart supplier partners. A² Assortment Planning is a perfect complementary solution to your insights sharing platform.
Learn more about A² Assortment Planning
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