A² Assortment Planning

Increase sales and profitability with an optimal product mix

Assortment planning and optimization for retailers
Increase sales and profitability with an optimal product mix

Manage and optimize assortments

Your product mix is the cornerstone of your retail concept. A² Assortment Planning for FMCG ensures you meet your shopper demand according to your strategy. Drive process with goals and budgets. Manage macro-level product mix, create category assortment strategies and plan item-level assortments accordingly. Localize assortments to answer to different shopper demand in different stores. Optimize assortments understanding which items just cannibalize others and which increase total category sales. With A² Pricing, you can integrate life-cycle pricing to the same solution.

Improve your business

Improve the quality of your assortment decisions as well as the efficiency and manageability of your business.

Increased sales and margin

Increased sales and margin through better assortment decisions

Correctly localized assortments

Improved category expertise saves time and money

More satisfied and loyal shoppers

Increased shopper satisfaction through improved shopper insight

More shopper needs covered with the same SKUs

More efficient activations and successful product launches.

Better control

Better control of business budgets and merchandising execution

Improved transparency

Formalized, transparent buying and better purchase power

Enhanced processes

Improved management visibility and streamlined processes

Improved efficiency and accuracy

Less data entry and manual work, fewer errors
"The assortment is not just suitable anymore, we are hitting right in the target."
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Ari Akseli
President, Grocery Division
Ari Akseli. President, Grocery Trade, Kesko

Solution for the whole process

Macro-level product mix
Category assortment strategy
Item-level assortment planning
Purchase plan and volume estimates
Visual merchandising and store guidelines
In-session adjustments and markdown

Meet the shopper demand with better assortment strategies

Serving your shoppers with a great product mix starts from the correct allocation of floor space to different merchandise categories. Group stores into category specific clusters according to their customer demand and size. Allocate appropriate space to each category in each cluster.

Continue to assortment category strategies that ensure that each category answers to the wants and needs of your shoppers. Define the assortment width and assortment structure for each store cluster in each category/ brand considering shopper demand, your store concept, market trends, sales targets & budgets and €/m².
Meet the shopper demand with better assortment strategies

Execute your assortment strategies with items that delight your shoppers

Choose correct items for maximum sales and shopper satisfaction considering the assortment strategy and available space. Demand forecasts and assortment listing/delisting recommendations help you decide the correct items and store coverage.

Analyse² Pricing add-on module lets you price items for correct price image, competitive position and max. profit. Enjoy the convenience of pricing in the same solution you use to plan assortments.
Execute your assortment strategies with items that delight your shoppers

Maximize total sales and profit

Optimize your product mix to maximize results and improve shopper satisfaction. Just choose your target and Analyse² Assortment Planning helps you find the best combination of products using state of the art assortment analytics. Serve a wider variety of shopper needs with the same number of SKUs and minimize sales cannibalization.
Maximize total sales and profit

Use shelf space efficiently

Get maximum space productivity out of every square meter of shelf space. Ensure visibility, appropriate shelf inventories and avoid out-of-stock. A² Assortment Planning helps you plan within the constraints of your space and suggests how many facings to give to SKUs. Integration to space management tools allows you to use these insights during planogramming.
Use shelf space efficiently

A² Campaing Planning and  A² Pricing

Increase efficiency and also manage your campaigns and pricing within one solution by adding A² Campaing Planning and A² Pricing.
Maximize return of your promotional spending

Maximize return of your promotional spending

Strengthen the collaboration between merchandising and marketing. Manage the big picture with the campaign calendar and plan your media mix. Set the themes and goals of your campaigns and select the promoted items and pricing logic for maximum lift. Buy according to volume estimates and take into account vendor funding. Integrate A² Campaign Planning with A² Assortment Planning to ensure promotional plans and buying are integrated.
Improve profits and price image by pricing effectively

Improve profits and price image by pricing effectively

A² Pricing is an add-on to A² Assortment Planning that offers you pricing functionality conveniently in the same solution, covering life-cycle pricing from initial pricing during planning to in-season markdown. A² Pricing helps you protect your margin and improve your pricing efficiency with pricing rules, role-based pricing, markdown optimization and market price information.
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