Welcome to our Culture Handbook

We are designers, developers, puzzle solvers, specialists, and industry experts. We solve complex challenges for leading FMCG companies. Our culture is our way of working, that we live and breathe. It is a constantly developing process that is always evolving. This handbook outlines the values, beliefs, and practices that create and nurture our culture.

Janne Anttila CEO of Analyse2

Founded in 2004, Analyse² was created to help consumer goods companies gain a more robust understanding of the whole market and to make data-driven decisions that help them grow and develop their categories. Over the years our clientele has broadened to cover consumer goods companies and retailers, and in doing so, our company has brought together industry experts, software designers, and analysts, among other top talented professionals. We have been growing locally and globally and have developed our offering to enable our customers to solve some of the trickiest market challenges.

Throughout the years we have tested the waters and while we’ve discovered several opportunities for growth, we also came across a few of those non-growth roads. The industry has been transforming more rapidly than ever over the past few years, and we feel that this is only just the beginning for our customers and ourselves. We couldn’t do any of it without our talented and expert Analysers.

Are you the best at what you do? Join us as we transform the fast moving consumer goods industry, and the future of retail analytics!

Janne Anttila
Founding Partner, CEO

This is who we are

We are 25 Analysers dedicated to creating the best solutions for consumer brands and companies. At the moment we are spread across three countries. In understanding our differences and similarities we can learn to appreciate what we can give and gain from each other. A successful company culture encompasses differences and does not force everyone into the same box. Here are some more interesting facts to get to know us.


We have many hobbies in common such as cycling, gaming (video games and board games), playing music, or baking, and for some a hobby has even brought some trophies.

Animal friends

Roughly 1/3 of us have furry friends. Some of our furry friends include dogs, cats, chickens and even an Icelandic Gelding horse named Oddur frá Hafnarfirði.


Sixty-seven percent of us prefer coffee, while 26% prefer tea, and 8% do not like either.


When asked what superhero we would want to be an overwhelming majority of us would like to be Batman (various reasons included his cool car, technology, or just the money). However, one of us would like to be Otterman just floating all day in the sea.



is to be the leading provider of analytics solutions for consumer-centric category management and revenue growth management in the retail industry.

We help our clients grow profitably and sustainably using market and consumer demand insight. FMCG brands and retailers use our analytics and AI solutions to cater to consumer demand more precisely to gain a competitive advantage and thrive in the industry transformation.

That's our mission.

Our values

Thrive together

We succeed and fail together. Our way of working is open, honest, and fun. Strong teams, wellbeing, equality, and respect for each other are our foundation. Both leadership and teamwork are based on trust. To achieve brilliant things, we need to work seamlessly together.

Be the change, own the change

We believe in continuous improvement. All ideas, insights, and actions matter. You can be the one to drive the change for the better.

Let the market guide you

We must continuously test the market and learn to build, market, and sell solutions that customers and end-users love. The market will show us the way.

Set the bar high on things that matter

We have high standards for the things that matter most to our customers. Every day we work with heart and integrity to bring them better value. Together we shape the future of the retail industry.
Two guys sitting in the Analyse2 officeTwo people working together in the Analyse2 office

Anyone can be the one driving change for the better.

living our values

How do we work and grow, together?

The way we work is how our values play out in everyday life.

Streamlined processes

All work should be as easy as 1,2,3, GO! It’s either this or that, there’s no room for overcomplicating things here.


At Analyse², we trust and empower each other to do great work. We don't believe in micromanaging and instead give everyone the freedom to excel in their roles. Trust is a foundational aspect of a successful team and we strive to foster it in all our interactions.


We take great pride in the high quality of our work. If there's ever an opportunity to make something even better, we're all in to make it happen.

Strong cooperation

At Analyse², we acknowledge the importance of teamwork and encourage the employees to collaborate and support one another. The advantages of working together as a team are evident, and there is a culture of openness and willingness to seek assistance when needed.

Continuous learning

We consistently and constantly work to develop ourselves. We take mistakes as a learning curve and ensure that we are doing our best to grow and learn. For example, retros are one format of continuous learning.

Information and knowledge sharing

We listen to the market and customers but also, we listen and value what our colleagues say, when making decisions

Releasing your software should be fun and easy. One-click deployments have been everyday life for us for a long time. A good coverage of automated tests makes it all possible.

showing we care

The pillars of a thriving work culture

Our method of ensuring our Analysers thrive is like growing a plant; it requires a safe spot and care that takes into consideration individual needs, nutrients, water, and sunlight. These are the fertilizers for our culture.

We don’t want anyone to drown in work or feel constant overloading. We do not tolerate any form of disrespectful or discriminatory behavior towards anyone, under any circumstances. You should never be afraid to ask questions or to speak up.

Understanding different life situations
Equality, respect and inclusion in all levels
Supporting wellbeing and safety
Hard work is rewarded
Not just working together, but having fun together
Open communication
Three ladies at an office party of Analyse2Dance dance revolution at an office party of Analyse2A band performing at an office party of Analyse2
our Recruitment process

Let’s get you onboard!

Our recruitment and hiring process is fast and thorough. You will be well informed during the process. In addition, we ensure that you are treated equally and fairly. During the hiring process our primary goal is to determine if there is a mutual match between us.

We take pride in contacting all applicants during the hiring process.


Online meeting with HR & hiring manager

In this first introductory meeting, let’s get to know each other! We want to get to know you and tell you about us as a company. We will also discuss the position in more detail. Plenty of time is reserved for your questions.

Discover life at Analyse²

F2F meeting with the team & hiring manager

At the second meeting, you will meet your future team. We will discuss the daily work, processes, and practices.

Discover life at Analyse²

Feedback call with HR

After the second meeting, let’s catch up! Here you can share feedback on the recruitment process so far. We’ll also discuss the next steps in this call.

Discover life at Analyse²

Job offer

Hurray, it's a match! When all the puzzle pieces fit and both parties feel happy to proceed, we will prepare a job offer for you.

Discover life at Analyse²

Onboarding & Support

The road doesn't stop there! You will have a proper onboarding and will also receive structured and systematic support to ensure you are taken care of at Analyse²

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Discover life at Analyse²

Striving to become the best version of ourselves, every day

We recognize that no company culture is perfect – we strive to constantly improve ours by committing to a positive and inclusive path forward, actively listening to all voices, embracing feedback, and encouraging open communication. This allows us to evolve and enhance our culture over time.

After the last couple of years of remote working, let’s get back to the office!
We could have more low-threshold get-togethers that bring teams together.
Having more cross-team experiences, work related and non work related.
There are some differences if how our values are realized across teams. Going forward, let’s discuss more about these differences between teams.
We believe in

Transparency and openness, online and offline

Our internal communication is built upon transparency and openness. We share the same goals, so we should all know where we are at. Below are few examples of how we ensure the transparency and openness in real life.

Inclusive meetings

We have monthly management team reviews which are an all-hands-on session for the whole company, where short updates are discussed from all fronts, from product development to sales, from administration and finance to marketing.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we also introduced an internal weekly newsletter to ensure an easy way for the Analysers to catch up on the latest and that newsletter is here to stay.

Communication channels

Every team uses Slack, and along with team channels, there is a channel for a bunch of other topics. (There's no need to get your memes from the internet- there's a channel for that too.) Since 2016, when we took Slack into use over 1,750,784 messages have been sent. No one is being spammed in Slack, but we do have fun and communicate together.

We have taken full advantage of the possible integrations, allowing powerful insights to appear directly in the relevant channels.

Open positions

Here’s what we’re looking for right now. Don’t see your specific position below? Just drop us a line, we’re always on the look-out for the right people to join us.