Employee Stories – Satu, Software Team Lead

Employee Stories – Satu, Software Team Lead
We deep dive into the lives of our Analyse² employees in this series of blog posts. This article is about Satu, one of our software team leads.

What's in your shopping basket?

I’m probably pushing a car shaped shopping trolley with a kid in it. We are getting some bread, cereal, milk, coffee, toilet paper and mud cake flavoured ice-cream.

When and how did you end up joining Analyse²?

I got a tip of an open position in a great company in a Facebook group in the summer of 2015 and started a few months later. The friend who posted about the job did not know I was considering changing jobs nor that I was familiar with the Analyse² tech stack.

Best aspect of your work?

Taking care of the people in my team and still being able to do hands on development.

In three words work in Analyse² is challenging, entertaining and rewarding

Who do you admire?

There are so many caring people in my life that keep exceeding all expectations. Number one is my husband. He is able to keep up with the all the things going on in our lives including our three incredible daughters, me, working career and the somewhat old house we live in.

In three words, what's it like to work for Analyse²?

Challenging, entertaining and rewarding.

I used to ride a 600 cc motorcycle

If you were a superhero who would you be? Why?

Storm from X-Men. Controlling the weather would be awesome.

What's your workday like?

Most of the day I'm at my computer coding or peer reviewing what others have done. I also aim to keep the team moving forward in my Scrum Master role. Meanwhile I try to remember to drink my tea warm and occasionally click an online board game.

Tell us something not everyone you work with knows about you.

I used to ride a 600 cc motorcycle.

Any hobbies?

Scouting is more like a way of life to me. I enjoy doing things with our kids, including circus training as a family. The rest of the time seems to go to house renovation nowadays.

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