Employee Stories – Juhani, Product Owner

Employee Stories – Juhani, Product Owner
We deep dive into the lives of our Analyse² employees in this series of blog posts. At the time of the interview Juhani was a product owner, nowadays he leads our supplier sales and customer success teams in Finland and in Estonia.

What's in your shopping basket?

Diapers, milk “by the gallons” and some IPA. It’s true. I’ve never been too eager to contemplate on matters of price when it comes to daily groceries, but after having kids this issue has come more relevant. And I do appreciate people who are price aware. No looking at prices of those IPA’s, though..

When and how did you end up joining Analyse²?

I’ve been here for nine years. I had just finished with my master studies when I started. I’m still pretty sure that I was hired to fill some gender quota – the department was quite short on male representation at that time.

“We improve the workplace constantly!”

Best aspect of your work?

Must be the people with whom to share all the pain and gain of building the company and it’s offerings. We have a great, professional and motivated group of guys and gals to be working with! I also like the fact that not only do we try to make our products better and customers happier, but we improve the workplace constantly as well!

Who do you admire?

My spouse and the mother of our two wonderful sons. I should remember to tell her this more often. I better make this right when I get home tonight. On a more professional level Elon Musk and Richard Branson are two characters of substantial magnetism. Apart from been hugely successful, of course, they both seem quite humane as well as trustable. Maybe because they don’t seem to care too much on what other people think of them.

In three words, what's it like to work for Analyse²?

Relaxed, motivated and developing.

“The coolest customer I had was Danny Glover”

If you were a superhero who would you be? Why?

Batman, definitely. He has nice, gloomy jokes along with the most kick ass suit! “It’s the car, chicks love the car.”

What's your workday like?

At best my work day consists of a sales or feedback session with a customer, some product concept and functionality spec writing, with an ounce of some roadmap and release planning. I enjoy being in contact with the customers but of course, a bunch of other things need to be looked after as well.

Tell us something not everyone you work with knows about you.

I’ll give you three things. First, many of you own a furniture lamp designed by my great uncle, Yki Nummi. I’m quite proud of that, although, I would have hoped for some of those design genes for myself as well, but noooo.. Second one is the fact that the factory that nowadays manufactures the Tesla cars used to go by the name NUMMI. Thus, I consider myself to be entitled to at least one Model S.. The third one is also related to cars. You see, I used to do some chauffeuring when I was younger and the “coolest” customer I had was Danny Glover (starring for example in “Lethal Weapon”). One day we were driving to his hotel from some occasion and Mr. G wanted some Chinese food. We stopped by at this joint in Lauttasaari and Danny waltzed in. You should have seen them jaws on that waitress! Danny ordered half a dozen menus and then we left off. At the hotel Danny took one menu for himself and gave the rest for me and said “take the rest of these to your friends and say it’s on Danny Glover”.

Any hobbies?

Mainly music these days. We have a company house band and I’m the lead singer. We’ve done a few gigs outside the office walls as well, for example in the nearby restaurant called Base. The gigs are great, I like performing.

Employee Stories – Juhani, Product Owner

Employee Stories – Juhani, Product Owner
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