Customer Success team

Customer Success team
We asked some of our teams to tell a bit more about their work, what it is like to be part of the team, and what it requires to succeed in the team. Read, what Ville wrote about their customer success team.

As the name says, customer success is responsible for engaging with our customers and ensuring they succeed in using our services. Customer Success runs the helpdesk, keeps user trainings and monitors the satisfaction of our customers among other things. At its best customers can be helped before they even realize what is it that they need. If customer assistance is however needed, our team makes sure that receiving help is as easy and effortless as possible. We don’t just offer technical support but also help our customers to understand the information which can be taken out from our systems. When the customer is happy and gains value from our services, we have succeeded in our job.

When the customer is happy and gains value from our services, we have succeeded in our job.

Working in customer success is working with people. You get to be in daily contact with our customers as well as with your co-workers. In addition to helping the customers, you will also closely work with the sales and product development teams. Working with the sales team includes for instance planning the user trainings together or going through customers’ user experiences. Working with the product development team on the other hand can include reporting customer feedback and testing new features. When working in customer success, you also learn a lot yourself: in customer success you will be in daily contact with different suppliers and through our systems you get to explore the figures and follow the development of the FMCG industry in the front.

To succeed in this team, you need to be able to step in another’s boots. There are as many different customers as there are people and the needs of the customers can vary depending on customer’s company and position. As a member of the customer success team, you need to be genuinely interested in your customer’s concerns and offer personalized help. As we are a software company, it doesn’t harm to have some technical capability to be able to easily adopt new systems. Also, having previous work or educational experience from the FMCG industry is a clear advantage.

We use several tools in our daily work. Internal communication happens through Slack, email and Teams while customers are mainly contacted through the product management software Jira. Of course, also our own solutions are in daily use. We also have separate tools to track solution usage and upkeep and follow customer information. Latest addition to our toolbox was an online user manual solution Manula.

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