Software team 'Funikulaari'

Software team 'Funikulaari'
We asked some of our teams to tell a bit about their work, what it is like to be part of the team and what it requires to succeed in the team. Artturi is the team lead to one of our software teams, read what he wrote about their team.

We create the product from the ground up. We create and design the infrastructure and code the program. After that we run it. We would also provide the final level of product support if an issue could not be solved without our intervention.

If it concerns feasible ways of creating new features, our opinion is often asked. Most of the time, we have a good idea about how complex a new feature is to implement.

Our mission is to create products that solve customers’ issues and business needs better than customer's own tools or other solutions in the market. This means streamlining customers work processes and enhancing their data with AI-driven analytics.

Working in this team, is pretty great. Now we are working on an interesting greenfield project where we are using tools of our own choice and we design the system from the scratch. Whether it is about a code design challenges or some interesting detail about programming architecture, the communication within the team is constant. There is always someone who can help and no one needs to tackle issues alone even when working remotely (as we all are at the moment).

Normal workdays are surprisingly interactive. Finding a sophisticated solution to a problem in hand requires often two people.

Our team is also dedicated to improve the processes in long-term, we aim to deliver superior quality all the time and feel good at work. We want to create high quality solutions that we can be proud of and are easy to maintain.

We want to create high quality solutions that we can be proud of and are easy to maintain.

The team consist of people with impressive work experience from various backgrounds.  We have team members that have gained experience in data warehousing, gaming PC 3D benchmarking and natural language processing. Currently we are all full-stack designers, each with different strengths and interests, like infrastructure, back-end architecture or client-side coding. As the knowledge within the team is shared actively, there are plenty of opportunities to learn from the experts.

Few words about the tools we use. The most important tools are IDE or text editor and many of us also use Visual Studio (Code). A database client comes also handy when working on back-end. We also use Docker, AWS CLI, Angular CLI, and monitoring tools like Datadog and Sentry. For localization purposes we use Crowdin. I think it's great that you are rather free to choose the tools that suits you the best.

Also our choice for version control is Git. Some people prefer accessing it with command line and some use some more graphically appealing options.

As the remote work has been part of our everyday life for some time already, we have Slack, Teams and Zoom included in our toolbox.

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