Solutions for Shopper-Centric Assortment Planning

Happy shoppers bring better results. This is why we focus on assortment planning solutions that offer our customers a clear view of shopper needs. You get accurate shopper insights and are able to create better selling assortments. Analyse² Assortment solutions provide a view into both served and untapped demand.   Read more »

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Analyse² Assortment Planning

Turn your shoppers’ needs and demand into assortments. Analyse² Assortment Planning helps you find demand gaps that can be turned to additional revenue. Remove duplicate products and serve shopper preferences efficiently. Win market share in your most valuable shopper segments.

  • Target assortments to your most important shopper segments
  • Optimize your product mix to serve all relevant shopper needs
  • Forecast what sells best and pick the best products
  • Adapt assortments to local demand
  • React fast with the right tools  

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Analyse² Shopper Insights

Identify your shoppers and their needs. Analyse² Shopper Insights shows your shoppers’ true behavior at market trend level as well as at SKU-level. Use these insights in your strategy and processes, and implement them in your assortments with Analyse² Assortment Planning. 

  • Segment your shoppers according to their behavior
  • Understand shopper segments and their needs
  • Understand local customer base and demand
  • Identify the most valuable shopper segments

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Analyse² Category Analytics

View the potential of your different categories as well as their sales and development. Scorecards and dashboards indicate your situation at a glance. Use Analyse² Category Analytics to find improvement opportunities. With Analyse² Assortment Planning you can implement your changes into item-level. 

  •  See how the market is developing and understand market drivers
  •  Track your performance and review categories
  •  Find category sales potential and opportunities
  •  Analyze promotions for better results
  •  Analyze product launches to ensure successful novelty launches


Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

Work together to serve shoppers better. All our solutions support information sharing between retailers and suppliers. Build an ecosystem on common understanding of shopper needs, the market situation and optimal assortments to gain a strategic edge. 

  • Share market information and react fast to developments
  • Share shopper insights to understand shopper needs
  • Find sales potential and opportunities
  • Collaborate in assortment planning to realize potential
  • Create a common language on shared facts and succeed

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